Johnstown's Most Beautiful People 2018

Johnstown Magazine is on a search for men and women who are beautiful inside and out. The nominations are in, and it's time to vote for your favorites to appear in Johnstown Magazine. Read through the contestants, choose up to 10 picks, and head to the bottom of this page to submit your vote.

beautiful people

Alexis Christofes

“Alexis has an inner beauty that matches her good looks,” writes Greg Christofes. “She has a great heart and is always willing to help others and put them ahead of herself. She's great with kids and is why she is working towards a degree in behavioral science where she hopes to work with children full time as a career. When not going to school, she works several jobs including Learning Lamp Preschool and Babysitting. Her smile and personality always lightens a room.”

beautiful people

Autumn Heinrich

“Not only is Autumn Heinrich beautiful on the outside.. she’s beautiful on the inside as well,” says Jeremy Hobor. “She is a beautiful young woman with a gorgeous face and figure.” adds Wendy Jeschonek. “Whether she is in workout clothes or evening wear, she is stunning! (She is) kind, loyal, and generous, she reflects a rare inner beauty. Autumn smiles so easily and makes those who are fortunate to be around her happy!”

beautiful people

Barbara Willett

Barbara Willett has done much with her young life – she's been a chef on a television program, hostess at the Polynesian in Walt Disney World, worked at Churchill Downs and Martha's Vineyard, studied in Germany, and has earned several advanced degrees – yet she remains a Johnstown girl at heart and still cares about others. She has worked with the Big Brother, Big Sister program and has been a volunteer at Sandyvale Memorial Gardens. Truly she is a beautiful girl – inside and out.

beautiful people

Bronwen Rievel

“My daughter, Bronwen Rievel, models and is a big promoter for Wildin’ Clothing Company, a clothing website which donates a profit of its sales to helping wildlife,” says Terri Rievel. “Bronwen is always looking for new opportunities and ways to better herself and the people around her. She has such a genuine heart and is always looking out for her peers. She is truly a beautiful person on the inside and out.”

beautiful people

Chandler Torchia

At 30 years of age, Chandler M. Torchia continues to battle cystic fibrosis. His grandfather, Joseph T. Torchia Sr., writes, “With most of his days spent doing treatments to maintain his health, he still finds time to enjoy life, either with his family or good friends from school days. “He has never complained about his condition. He is a joy to be around and I'm sure he is an inspiration to anyone with a health condition like his. He always has a smile.” His grandfather says Chandler “always keeps his hope up for a cure for all those with cystic fibrosis.

beautiful people

Dan & Karen Lovrich

“My father, Dan Lovrich, embodies all of the qualities that makes someone 'beautiful.' My dad has a full-time job at the water company, but for the past 43 years he has been, what I like to call, one of the most recognizable faces at the War Memorial Arena,” writes Lindsay Lovrich. “He is an usher and one of Johnstown hockey’s biggest fans. He’s loved it since he was 17. My mom is so beautiful, with or without her wig. See my mom has been battling breast cancer since I was in middle school (I’m 26 now). For years, she would get chemo, then go straight to work. She has never let cancer slow her down. She’s symbolic of hope. She’s beautiful. They’re both beautiful, and I believe they deserve this nomination.”

beautiful people

Dan Blake

“Dan Blake is the definition of a beautiful person inside and out,” writes Jessica Bent. “He is the most patient, kind-hearted, loving person I have ever met. He is my fiancee of 9 years and the greatest father any man could be. He will give without expecting and does so without hesitation. “Danny has been through so much in the past 9 years and yet still goes to work, takes care of business, loves his family unconditionally and does it all with a big smile on his face. “Not a day goes by that he doesn't talk about how we, as a whole, can help make not just Johnstown but the world a better place.”

beautiful people

Donna Christopher

“Donna Christopher is an amazing soul,” writes Sheri Dowden. “She constantly gives to others, promotes community involvement and exemplifies that every day as she works to beautify communities, especially Johnstown. Donna participates in many organizations and volunteers her time all while owning a business and raising two amazing children. There are not adequate words to describe her sweet, genuine, selfless and caring attributes. Whether she wins or not, those who are lucky enough to know Donna, will continue to be blessed.”

beautiful people

Donna Dressick

“Donna Dressick is my mother and the kindest, most beautiful, brave woman I know,” writes Sara Paul. “She helps people daily during her work as a medical biller and coder at a local office. She radiates light on the darkest of days, and is always there to lend a helping hand or just a smile to someone who may need it. She is the only person I know who I can say would truly do anything for anyone, and would really, truly give the shirt off of her back. My mom turns 50 this year, and she is the most beautiful soul I have ever had the chance to know. I am so blessed to be her daughter, I hope you will consider her because she is truly so deserving and beautiful, both inside and out. I’m sure she would be moved to tears!”

beautiful people

Drew Layton

Drew Layton, 21, is a 2015 graduate of Richland High School and is currently a junior at Pitt-Johnstown majoring in biology with a minor in communications. He is employed as an optical technician with Associates and Family Eye Care in Richland, and serves as a youth leader for West Hills Community Church in Westmont. He also serves as the Young Life Leader for Richland High School. Following graduation from Pitt, Drew plans to continue his education in Christian Ministry. Drew truly has a heart for young people and is excited about his role in making a difference in the lives of the local Johnstown youth.

beautiful people

Edwin Kesslak

Edwin C. Kesslak is attending University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown on several academic scholarships. He studied for and received his PA state license in real estate at the age of 18. He works with real estate customers while attending college full time. He is involved in several clubs at college and a member of two honorary academic fraternities. He was a research assistant for the marketing professors at Pitt-Johnstown working with Vision 2025. At times, he helps out at his family’s business. At home, he loves to cook and probably does about 60 percent of the family cooking. In addition, he volunteers as a lector and hospitality minister at Our Mother of Sorrows Church.

beautiful people

Eric Striker

“Eric Striker is a wonderful young man,” writes Aaron Sandak. “He is a fine father of five! His dedication to work his kids and community is something I myself strive to achieve. Eric just has something 'special' about him that makes him Johnstown beautiful!”

beautiful people

Frank & June Janakovic

“June and Frank work tirelessly for the city of Johnstown,” writes Mary Claire Furman. “They are constant supporters of numerous programs across the city. They are residents of the city. They give so much of their time to support the entire city.”

beautiful people

Sharele Tucker Hatfield

Sharele Tucker Hatfield is on a leadership team at Peniel, a wonderful mother, beautiful inside and out. Great person, role model and hard working.

beautiful people

Holly Repko

“Holly Repko is beautiful both inside and out,” writes Patricia Waltimire. “She works full time for a non-profit organization, AUCP. In addition to her job, she is the mother of a rambunctious 3-year-old boy. Despite the busyness of all that … she donates her time to coordinate and work at fundraisers that provide the funding to help the clients with disabilities so they may enjoy activities they would otherwise be unable to participate in such as bowling and other outings.”

beautiful people

Jeanne & Buzz Lehman

Jeanne & Buzz Lehman are the most adorable couple who have been married for over 50 years. They devote countless hours to community volunteer projects including the Hurricane Harvey Relief Drive. They are also the smiling faces you see when you are seeking area information at the Welcome Center,” said a coworker at the center.

beautiful people

John Coyle

“My husband, John Coyle, is a beautiful person,” writes Julie Coyle. “He is kind and a wonderful family man. Not only does he own and operate six McDonald restaurants, he supports this community. Specifically, he is the past president of the Johnstown Symphony Orchestra and is a member of the Johnstown Rotary Club. He is always willing to help out with a good cause.”

beautiful people

Julie Elizabeth (Bruce) Ostrich

Julie Ostrich is 31 years old and lives in Johnstown. She is the wife of Justin and the mother of two. She is a Bishop McCort graduate and a graduate of UPJ. She is a diabetes sales representative for Astra Zeneca Pharmaceutical and is an aerobics and strength instructor at Richland Fitness. She is a road racing marathoner and an AYSC soccer coach. Julie is an excellent cook and loves to entertain.

beautiful people

Kamran Shayesteh

“Kamran Shayesteh is not only a handsome man he has a beautiful spirit. His patients and co-workers love him. He is a talented plastic surgeon and a loving family man. Johnstown is so lucky to have him,”

beautiful people

Katherine Rutledge

“Katie is one of the most beautiful people I know both inside and out. She is a natural beauty and shines every day,” write Jonathan Rutledge about his wife. “She is a dedicated teacher at Conemaugh Valley High School, a swim coach for Westmont Hilltop High School and a ccd teacher at OMOS. Her beautiful red hair and freckles make her recognizable everywhere. She’s just a really beautiful person.”

beautiful people

Kay O'Shea

“Kay O’Shea is one of the 'sweetest' ladies in Johnstown (no pun intended),” writes Matt Brubaker. “She has been a resident of Johnstown her entire life of 87 years and is a beautiful lady inside and out. She is well known to area residents as one of the founders of O’Shea’s Candies as an owner and candymaker. She was a superb business owner, mother, wife, grandmother and patriarch of the family. She goes by 'Nana' from everyone that knows her and is active at United Methodist church. She still works four days a week at the chocolate factory. She was a beautiful lady when she was in her 20s and still is a beautiful lady decades later. A timeless beauty who has Johnstown in her heart.”

beautiful people

Kelsey Vann

“Inside and out, my sister Kelsey is one of the most beautiful people in this area,” writes Kelly Vann. “Her bright blue eyes mesmerize you while her smile captures your heart. Her biggest joy is making others happy. Being that she is an event planner in the area she has the perfect job for creating happiness. I have personally seen her come home from 12 plus hour work days overjoyed because the event was perfect and how happy everyone was with it. If you ask she will tell you that she won nicest eyes of her senior class and is very proud of that to this day!”

beautiful people

Laiken Eckenrod

Laiken Eckenrod, 25, is described as hardworking, caring, understanding, and accepting. “She continues to educate herself and achieve her goals she sets out,” writes Barry Kistler. “She is completely compassionate with her career in the mental health field. She has this honest deep compassion for individuals and connects with each of them on a deep level. But she is quick to stand up for individuals with mental health and intellectual disabilities. Born and raised in Johnstown, she is a constant supporter of the good Johnstown she has grown to love. With her father and grandfather working in the steel mill, she understand the roots of Johnstown. She would be someone many people can connect with.”

beautiful people

Lauren Ann Weaver

Lauren Ann Weaver is from Windber and attends Bishop McCort High School where she is a senior. Lauren works as a consultant and sales representative for The Bridal Suite and Pageant Boutique of Johnstown and spends so of much of her free time volunteering at her local hospital, her local parish, soup kitchen, numerous school and community related activities. Lauren has attended mission trips and her love for photography has led her to be both the photographer and editor of her high school yearbook. After overcoming her struggle with an eating disorder, Lauren is now a healthy athlete who wishes to model a healthy lifestyle for other young women. Lauren was Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA 2017. She is an energetic, warm and goal-oriented young lady.

beautiful people

Louella Shaulis

“I nominate my mother, Louella Shaulis of Richland Township, as a beautiful person,” writes Deanna Jamison. “She was born, grew up, married and raised her five kids in Seward. She was married to our dad, Dwight, for 50 years, taking care of him while he had ALS and also taking care of our grandfather for many years who lived near by. I asked my family members to give me a few words to describe her and I got spunky, energizer bunny, bossy, funny, loyal, supportive, Scottish stubborn, strong and one of the happiest people I know! She has many friends from all walks of live. She is very open minded and accepts people for just who they are. She likes to have fun.“She is truly a beautiful person inside and out.”

beautiful people

Melissa Komar

“As we all know, beauty is a loaded word,” writes Melissa Radovanic. “As our society focuses on outside physical beauty, we know that a beautiful soul is just as striking. There are very rare people of the world possess both. Melissa Komar has a beautiful soul who longs to always help others. Just as important as helping people though her daily work, is helping people in her volunteer duties. She loves community clean up days and can use a lawnmower and weed whacker every weekend of the spring and summer to make an impact on the community. Melissa was recently honored in 2017 at the YWCA Tribute to Women awards in the category of professions. She never says no to an individual or organization in need. “My friend Melissa, has a beautiful heart and soul. I'm proud to call her my friend and a volunteer partner in so many initiatives in our community. She deserves to be one of your 2018 Most Beautiful People.”

beautiful people

Michael Cook

Michael is a member of the Vision2025 Greenspace and Trails capture team. He developed a plan that would rehabilitate the Incline Plane trails as well as build additional trails. The plan also calls for revitalization of the James Wolfe sculpture area. On any given Saturday morning, even in below zero weather, he can be found working on the trails. Michael is also involved with the Benscreek Canoe Club, Highland Park Recreation, and First Waves.“His love and dedication to the Johnstown are is unshakable,” writes Kim Dorin.

beautiful people

Morgan Dugan

“Morgan Dugan will my wife of 10 years in July. She is a 1st-grade teacher in the GJSD. She is kind, caring and one of the most loving people I know. She has two beautiful boys, Mason (7) and Carson (5). As corny as it sounds, she is truly as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside,” writes her husband, Adam Dugan.

beautiful people

Olivia Ann Oravec

“Olivia has accomplished a lot in only 19 years,” says her aunt, Amy Dunkleberger. “In 2016, she not only graduated in the top 10 of her GJSD class but she also graduated from Penn Highlands with an associate degree. For the last two summers, she was an intern with The Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. Currently a junior at IUP, she works as a secretary at IUP School of Graduate Studies and Research and at the Campus Connection, as she completes her degree in General Management and Human Resources.
“Olivia is a beautiful person both inside and out! She has many other interests like riding horses and singing. She surely represents the finest of young people in the Johnstown area! I hope you agree.”

beautiful people

RoAnna Claycomb

RoAnna Claycomb brings endless joy to all the customers at Press Bistro,” writes Yvonne Claycomb. “She is lovely inside & out!”

beautiful people

Beth Thomas

“I feel that Beth Thomas is one of the most beautiful people I've had the honor to know and to work alongside for the past 10 years,” writes Wendy Pierce. “A few years ago, Beth was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer. She has fought a brave battle with the disease, loosing her hair, her strength, but never loosing her faith that she could fight this horrible disease. “Her hair has grown back, and with her type of cancer she will never be free of cancer. She exemplifies, beauty, courage and hope for those of us around her that have stood beside her as she fought this fight! “She is the mother of two amazing daughter, Shaelynn and Lariah, as well as her life partner, Jimmy, the father of her daughters. Through all this, Beth always remained positive for her family and those around her.”

beautiful people

Rosemary Brant

“Rosemary Brant has a very kind and caring nature,” says Lori Knox. “She is full of life, and assists anyone in need. As director of social service at Chan Soon Shiong Medical Center, Rosemary is known throughout the county as an expert in her field, a true beacon of light to those patients and families she assists on a daily basis. She is well respected among her colleagues. But it goes beyond her work arena, she is funny, bright and knows the meaning of true friendship. She has great advice when asked; and is only a phone call away if needed.“Rosemary is a loving daughter to her over 90-year-old mother, caring for her as needed. Rosemary and her mother, Audrey, (a retired RN), are both attractive in appearance with bright smiles. They emit an aura of peace and welcoming to all who meet them.“To paraphrase an old song: 'Love grows wherever Rosemary goes.'”

beautiful people

Tim Burns

“I wish to nominate Tim Burns, a friend and fellow board member of The Humane Society of Cambria County,” writes Jayne Korenoski. “He is one of the most compassionate men I know when it comes to caring for animals. He devotes so much of his time to the shelter and was instrumental in changing the shelter to a no-kill facility. I can think of no one more deserving of this recognition.”

beautiful people

Wade & Tabitha James

“Wade and Tabitha are loved by so many,” writes Tasha Adams. “They are the type to jump right in no matter what the cause or who is asking. As videographer/photographer team, they inspire others with their vision and their amazing sense of humors. Seriously, they're so funny. The amount of activities they get involved in and the encouragement, support, and love these two spread is unimaginable. These two are amazing and deserve to be recognized on the other side of the camera for once. (Plus, they're adorable.)

beautiful people

Zach Hanley & Marissa Erminio

“I think Zach Hanley and Marissa Erminio would be a great addition to the most beautiful people section of the magazine,” writes Pam Hanley. “Marissa has just graduated from UPJ with a degree in Physical Therapy and will be continuing on to graduate school in July/Aug of this year. She was a star volleyball player at UPJ as well. Zach works for Cumberland Truck Parts and is also into physical fitness. They have been dating for approximately one year.”

beautiful people

Caylee Eshelman

Caylee Eshelman is an 18-year-old senior at Penns Manor High School who is planning to attend Mount Aloysius College for nursing in the fall of 2018. “The oldest of five siblings, Caylee works very hard at school to keep on honor roll and high honors,” writes Jennifer Nelson. “She helps out at home with having a big family, and she also has a job that she works at part time taking care of animals. She is very loving, caring, and sharing. She is definitely beautiful inside and out! She is a great example for her younger siblings. She is very excited to start a career in nursing and help others.”

beautiful people

Sherri Rae

“Sherri Rae wasn’t born and raised in Johnstown but since moving here many years ago to work at UPJ she has been a constant advocate for the area,” writes Megan Livingston. “She is more committed and involved in the region than some people who have been here their whole lives. Sherri is passionate about empowering women, working with youth and young adults, giving to those in need and helping others succeed. Her commitment and contributions are endless. She helps so many, this list could go on and on. A beautiful heart, a beautiful soul, a beautiful person inside and out!”

beautiful people

PattyRae Zimmerman

“PattyRae Zimmerman is a hardworking, enthusiastic, and kindhearted young lady who shows her love of life through her caring and sharing with people of all walks of life.” writes Patricia Waltimire. “By the tender age of 20, she became a homeowner by her own accord. She is employed by Chan Soon-Shoing Medical Center as a patient account representative.”

beautiful people

Jayne Korenoski

“Jayne Korenoski is a wonderful person, a dedicated grandmother who loves following her successful grandchildren in their sports and extracurricular activities,” writes Tim Burns. “More importantly, she is a strong advocate for the City of Johnstown, serving as marketing director of the Johnstown Convention and Visitors Bureau where she spearheads events like Thunder in the Valley and PolkaFest; she even played an instrumental part in leading the Johnstown relief efforts with her son, Aaron, in helping organize seven 18-wheeler big rigs for supplies for Houston. Lastly, as a board member of the Cambria County Humane Society, she was instrumental in creating the shelter's quality of life program for its animals.”

beautiful people

Stefanie Murphy

“Stefanie Murphy is truly one of the kindest and most giving people I know,” writes Megan Livingston. “She has a heart of gold. If you need a volunteer she is there and, as a friend, she will offer up anything she can to help you out. She’s just truly a giving and compassionate person. One of her loves is fostering and rescuing dogs. The amount of dogs she has taken in and in turn helped find homes for is amazing. She is an active UPJ alum and an alum advisor for her sorority. She has been a dedicated volunteer to the Cinderella Project for many years as well as YPA, VE Ericson, Richland Elementary, Alzheimer’s Foundation, and Boy Scouts. As a single mom who works full time, and has a side business, she is quite busy but that never stops her from giving and helping others.”

beautiful people

Dr. Elaine Confer

“Dr. Elaine Confer is a beautiful woman inside and out,” writes Laurel Pediatric employees. “She has the most caring and generous heart. She goes above and beyond to care for not only her patients but her staff as well. She is a kind hearted woman and we are so blessed to have such a wonderful boss like her! She is one of a kind in pediatrics.”

beautiful people

Christina Fini

Christina Fini, 24, of Geistown enjoys exercising and painting. She also enjoys making those around her feel better. “She is always sunny and positive,” said one of her co-workers. “She does her best to spread her good cheer to those around her.”Christina hails from the New York City area, but ended up in Johnstown after attending college at Saint Francis. It was there she met Dane and the rest is history. An advertising sales representative for The Tribune-Democrat, Christina is making plans to marry her college sweetheart sometime in the near future. “She has overcome adversity without letting it define her,” her aunt adds. “She possesses both inner strength and outer beauty.”

beautiful people

Kristen McQuillan

Kristen McQuillan, a nurse, has a Facebook page called “Dear Daughters. love Your Biggest Fan” that has almost 5,000 followers. Posting include inspirational messages for her two daughters about life and being the best you can be. The messages really can apply to everyone. Kristen recently collected toiletries and other items to donate to Women's Help Center. She also collected coats which she donated to a local church.

beautiful people

Jill Skowron-Gontkovic

"As a working Mom of four who is involved in the community and runs a business, Jill continues to inspire me" writes Megan Livingston. "Jill was one of the four, founding members of YPA and continued to be involved to this day. She has been a committee member and volunteer for organizations such as the Cinderella Project, Lift Johnstown, Leukemia & Lymphoma Light the Night, VE Erickson and more. She also is the wife of an active duty military man, which means that she does all that she does while he is deployed. Jill and her husband also own and operate Coal Tubin and the continue to be invested in the recreational and environmental amenities in our region. For these reasons and many more, Jill is truly one of Johnstown’s Most Beautiful People."

beautiful people

Jackie Bender

“I would like to nominate my daughter, Jackie Bender,” writes Karen Bender. “Jackie is a licensed social worker and has a full-time position coaching/counseling veterans across our nation. She has been a wonderful asset to her company in providing veterans with much-needed coaching for health and wellness issues. She has gone above and beyond in ways of assisting veterans to obtain food and housing. She became a Beachbody coach just a few years ago and has accomplished many level goals in assisting others … and has helped many people achieve weight loss goals and healthy eating lifestyles. She loves helping others and she has a drive like no one I've ever seen.”

beautiful people

Erika Brosig

“When we think of someone who is beautiful inside and out, we think of Erika Brosig who works with us at Victim Services. Inc. If you were to ask us why, we would say for many reasons. Erika exudes a certain confidence, calmness and humor that draws people to her. They feel better themselves just having her around. She gives you a new sense of confidence and faith in yourself that makes you feel like “you got this, or I can do anything.” She is a good friend, a trusted confidant or your fiercest advocate, when need be. She is such a strong role model in our community who is always jumping in to support a worthy cause or enacting change where necessary. We can’t tell you how many people tell us that they inspire to be like her. To sum it up, we would say she is 'a bright ray of light leading people out of the darkness' and we would say that is beautiful.” Her Fellow Counselors at Victim Services, Inc.

beautiful people

Alexis Marie Barber

Alexis Barber attends Penn Highlands Community College after graduating from Greater Johnstown High School. She was a 4-year letter winner in soccer, a 3-year letter in basketball, a 2-year letter winner in softball and played in both soccer and basketball All-Stars. She works at the Westmont Sheetz. She was winner of free clinic model show, attending New York fashion week and walked in a show for fashion designers. She models for Style and Glam. She plans to continue modeling and playing basketball at Penn Highlands next year. She attends St. Therese Church.

beautiful people

Kimberly Pfeil

"I would like to nominate my wife Kimberly Pfeil for one of the most beautiful people for your magazine,” writes Bob Pfeil. “I met my wife 5 years ago and she changed the world for me and my two boys. As a divorced father, it was imperative to find someone who would treat my boys very well after some poor previous experiences and when I meet Kimberly, I knew she was someone amazing and I quickly learned that she would be amazing to my boys. She has two amazing girls who took to the boys and Kimberly treated the boys as her own and she was the catalyst to making our blended family one family without question. She sets the standard on bringing a family together. She is Deputy Behavioral Health Administrator. She has worked for the county for 24 years. She helps coordinate services and placement for people with behavioral issues in the county. I may have a biased opinion, but I feel personally and professionally she is a beautiful person inside and out and my boys and I finally have the family around us to prove it.”

beautiful people

Jodi Kabler

“I realize that their are a lot of mothers who strive to do their very best for their children,” writes Eric Kabler. “They work extremely hard and sacrifice so much to provide for their little ones. My wife, Jodi, is just that, and more. And in the midst of being a 'mother,' she gives so much and sacrifices for others too. She is actively involved in our church (a very supportive wife of a pastor). She gives and supports many of the non-profit organizations in our area. However, I'm most proud of her as a 'mother.' We have four kids, and she is pregnant now. She probably will decline if chosen, only because she is pregnant and would feel that she isn't her prettiest, but she so gorgeous on the inside . . . .and that's why I'm nominating her.”

beautiful people

Sam Clinger

“My son is truly a beautiful person inside and out,” writes Stacy Clinger.” His name is Sam Clinger. He is 23 years old and a registered nurse at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center. He graduated from Conemaugh School of Nursing as Vice President of his class. He currently works full time on 7 Ashman and as a nursing instructor part time at Mount Aloysius College. Sam received a gold star in 2017 on behalf of Memorial Medical Center for paying for a patient's prescriptions who was not able to afford them. His fellow co-workers recognized he did this act of kindness. Sam gives selflessly and never expects anything in return. He receives numerous compliments from the patients he cares for, as well as their loved ones. Sam has an infectious smile, and a compassionate manner with every patient he cares for. I sincerely hope you have the opportunity to meet Sam and experience for yourself the great individual he is. “

beautiful people

Cortney Lohr & Donna Swaner

"Cortney Lohr and Donna Swaner are mother and daughter.,” writes Melanie Rossi. “ Both work as Care Givers in different fields.  Donna has been a personal care giver for 20 years.  Cortney is an intensive care nurse, who is currently furthering here degree as a nurse anesthetist.   Together they have 4 Bichons.  Cortney is mom to Abby,  who is the mom to the three boys that Donna has.  Both Donna and Cortney are originally from Somerset County.  Cortney moved to Johnstown for her job,  some years later Donna and her husband soon followed.  And, I am happy to be Donnas neighbor!