January 2013 - Brides Edition, Going on Safari, Up+Comers, No-Guilt Dining Out February 2013 - Romantic Restaurants for Valentine's Day, Overnight Stays- B&B's, Ringside Seats- Boxing March 2013 - Read On!- The Cambria County Library, Champions for Children
April 2013 - Best of Johnstown Winners May 2013 - Beautiful People, Adjudicate- Jury Duty, The Stoneycreek's Rebirth June 2014 - Joyce Murtha, Local Strength Competitors
July 2013 - Summer Party Treats, Local Treasure Hunters, The Great Generation- Area Vets August 2013 - Home Parties, Ready to Rumble, Opening Acts - All Played the War Memorial, Press Bistro September 2013 - The Tomahawks Return, Rails to Trails, Back to School
October 2013 - Pink Ribbon Portraits- 4 Women Who Fought Breast Cancer, Basketball makes a BIG return to the War Memorial November 2013 - Holiday Pie, Scalp Level Artists, Special Needs Children, Cloistered Nuns December 2013 - Captured on Film, Icons, Holiday Style