January 2015 - Places to Say I Do, Cambria Rowe Business College, The Next Big Thing February 2015 - Unconditional Love, Exploring Your Roots, Cigar Box Guitars March 2015 - Quiche, Mr. Rogers Legacy, Exploring Pittsburgh
April 2015 - 10 Years of Johnstown Magazine, Emergency Service Responders May 2015 - Beautiful People, Bedford, Penn Highlands Community College June 2015 - Johnstown Concert Ballet, Little League, Best of Johnstown Winners
July 2015 - Johnstown Symphony Orchestra, Hometown Military Troops, Presidential Medal of Honor recipient-Frances Hesselbein August 2015 - Amusement Parks, Johnstown Police Dept., Secret Gardens September 2015 - Beekeepers, Flight 93, Raystown Lake
November 2015 - Bird Hunting, Tunneling through the Alleghenies, Vietnam December 2015 - Dessert Recipes, Winter Getaways 2015 Hockeyville Commemorative Edition