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Breast cancer profiles

Meet four breast cancer survivors.

By Arlene Johns

The four women we profile on the following pages represent the many women (and some men) who are diagnosed each year with breast cancer. The women have different stories, but share some similarities. Each made difficult decisions in the days following their diagnosis. After much deliberation, research and consultations, they chose whether or not to have a mastectomy and how and when to take medication. Perhaps even more important, they decided their attitude toward their illness. "Cancer does not define me," Sandy Streets says.

Kristie Timulak, a teacher at North Star Elementary, looks like your typical new mother. She is happy and busy - working full time while keeping up with a 2-year-old. Her appearance gives no indication that, at 32, Kristie has battled two forms of cancer. She survived thyroid cancer at age 15 and, at 29, was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Kristie says she had never had a mammogram and says finding the cancer in her breast was "kind of a freak thing."

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